Instruction Manual for BK-100A Emergency Water Purification Equipment



This manual helps users correctly install and use the A series of emergency water purification equipment to ensure the best operating condition of the equipment and reduce operating costs. Please read this manual carefully before installing and using the device. QCLEAN emergency water purification equipment can purify various water sources into potable pure water.

I. Product features

1) Easy to move and install with small size;

2) Effectively and quickly filter impurities such as sediment, heavy metals and organic particles in the water, as well as microorganisms, viruses and other impurities, to meet the direct drinking water standard;

3) Backwash function extends the service life by 2 times;

4) Applicable to tap water, ground water, or mountain spring water;

5) Real-time display of water quality thanks to the water quality online detection function;

6) Fully automatic control circuit board and automatic flushing function extend the service life of the filter.

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